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Have you written a book and are looking to get it stocked with us?


Firstly, congratulations! Writing a book is a fantastic achievement and we have a huge amount of respect for this. 


If you haven’t already done so, please read this guide from The Booksellers’ Association – it was put together by the Society of Authors (SoA) and booksellers and it will answer a lot of questions you might have about approaching bookshops and how bookshops deal with all books. 

Before you send us anything, please think about the following questions in regards to your book and our shop:

Does your book fit with our existing selection? We spend a lot of time selecting the titles we stock in order to be able to sell and recommend books with enthusiasm and confidence. Will we be able to do this with your book?


Is your book self-published? If you have self-published through using Create Space or any other arm that Amazon has developed then we are afraid we will not be stocking your book.


Has your book been professionally edited? If it hasn’t been, that’s a no too. 

Is your book visually beautiful? This isn’t everything but it is important. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” isn’t really true!

How can we order your book? If it is available through Gardners or another wholesaler it’s a lot easier for us to re-order once we’ve sold a copy.

Once you are sure that your book suits us and will sit nicely in our shop please feel free to email us.

Please don’t drop books in to us unless we have asked you to.


If we do decide to stock your book, we would request a couple of things:

Please don’t just fall out of touch, again referring to the Booksellers’ Association document, bookshops tend to often keep titles for a limited period of time. We don’t have space to store copies that are waiting to be collected by authors.


In any social media promotion please do not mention Amazon in any posts that mention us.


Finally, if we don’t decide to stock your book please do not think this is a personal reflection on you or your work, we are a small shop and we can only hold so much. 

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