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McTavish Takes the Biscuit : Book 3

by Rosoff, Meg, Easton, Grace, Shephard, David | Cakes, baking, icing & sugarcraft
Published on 1 May 2019 by HarperCollins Publishers (Barrington Stoke Ltd) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the McTavish' series.

Paperback | 142 pages
198 x 134 x 10 | 130g

McTavish has his eyes on the pies as he returns with the Peachey family for another hilarious middle-grade adventure from the multi-award-winning Meg Rosoff.

The Peachey family enjoy fine meals each night now that everyone takes turns cooking. Everyone, that is, except grumbling Pa Peachey – until some unsatisfactory bread pushes him to try baking. Convinced that he has found his true calling, Pa sets his sights on winning the town Bake Off. Unfortunately, his great ideas far surpass his skills, and soon Pa's ambitions are crumbling under the weight of 3,784 pieces of gingerbread … McTavish smells disaster in the making, and it looks like he's going to have to save the day – again.

McTavish Takes the Biscuit : Book 3

SKU: 9781781128640

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